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Category — Behavioral Targeting

Taking the Behavior out of Behaviorial Targeting

In this video clip from last week’s FTC forum on Behavioral Targeting, web guru Esther Dyson discusses the concept of “Disclosure 2.0″ as a market driven alternative to FTC regulation of online personal information.

She talks about how marketers can come up with ways for consumer to “curate” their online behavior targeting profiles by moderating the pieces of data they want to share with marketers and advertisers, much the same way they moderate their public profiles on sites such as Facebook.

My concern with her proposal is the ability to edit your advertising profile. If it’s a matter of what I show versus what I don’t, than that could potentially work. However, if consumers are able to construct their profile (like they can in Facebook), the value of that creation to marketers and advertisers would be minimal. One of the strengths of behavioral targeting, is that it focuses on actual behaviors, not claimed behaviors or attitudes. If it was all consumer generated, it wouldn’t be behavioral targeting anymore.

I think that most people agree that some form of assurance that consumer’s personal data won’t be abused needs to be implemented. However, the industry and the FTC need to be careful that the solution doesn’t also end up taking the behavior out of behavioral targeting.

November 5, 2007   No Comments