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Digital Research Tool Box: Quintura

In addition to TouchGraph, another research tool that helps with search visualization is Quintura.

quintura_logo.pngQuintura takes a key word cloud approach to search, which is at first seems mundane, but then becomes much more intriguing as you add more search terms.

Just like I did with TouchGraph, I typed in “Crowdsourcing”. Instead of colored bubbles with links, I had a word cloud.

By just hovering my cursor over another key word, however, I opened a whole new set of links. Clicking on a key word simply added it to my list, and reorganized my word cloud around two key words rather than one.

The nice thing about Quintura is that it is quick. What it lacks in visual fireworks versus TouchGraph, it more than makes up for that in speed and clarity.

By pairing Quintura with, I was able to assemble several links for a future post on social media in a fraction of the time I would have took with multiple Google searches.

Quintura recently announced a local site embed, with more blogger specific tools to come.

Until then, Quintura remains a very strong way to visualize link knots of different themes or ideas in the pursuit of better online marketing research.


1 robojiannis { 02.04.08 at 10:43 am }

I just found this post, which is very very interesting. It shows visualizations – our latest hobby ;) – but for time based data.
From british history to technology events. enjoy!

2 Paul M. Banas { 02.04.08 at 8:26 pm }

Your link didn’t make it through, so hopefully you can resend. Here is one of my favorite data visualizations from Edward Tufte’s book “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”.


3 robojiannis { 02.05.08 at 5:52 am }
4 Paul M. Banas { 02.05.08 at 6:38 am }

That works great. Very cool collection. I especially like the British History one from the BBC.


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