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Insightful Packaging: Vitaminwater

Vitamin Water

Too much package copy these days is either lists of self-serious product benefits, or smarmy, emotional puffery.

Maybe by taking a brand a little less seriously, marketers can form an even stronger bond with consumers through entertaining packaging.

That is the basis of this interesting packaging graphics insight from David Meerman Scott at Web Ink Now. What he describes is how Glaceau Vitaminwater uses paragraphs of irreverent humor to describe the benefits of a particular flavor:

Revive Fruit Punch
If you woke up tired, you probably need more sleep. If you woke up drooling at your desk, you probably need a new job. If you woke up with a headache, on a Ferris wheel at the Idaho state fair, wearing a toga, you probably need answers, not to mention this product. Its got potassium and B vitamins to help you recover and feel refreshed—kinda like in those old Irish Spring soap commercials. And if you’re like our boss, Mike, and woke up married to an Elvis impersonator, you probably need a lawyer.”

It’s a little bit of seriousness surrounded by a lot of exaggeration, and the effect is that his teenage daughter and her friends like reading the product’s labels. By not taking itself too seriously, Vitaminwater has developed a form of true consumer engagement.

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1 David Meerman Scott { 12.21.07 at 1:32 pm }

Hi Paul

Thanks for riffing on my post. “It’s a little bit of seriousness surrounded by a lot of exaggeration” — so true.

Cheers, David

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