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The Survey Shift

Where has random digit dialing for survey data gone? Gone with the “Do Not Call” lists. How about mall intercept or even door-to-door. Gone with a shake of the head or a slam of the door. No wonder market researchers have moved a great deal of research to online panels. According to findings from the Online Research Barometer survey (probably done online) as reported at Marketing Vox, 82% of market researchers surveyed said they would increase their use of online research panels in the upcoming year. The only thing surprising about those findings was the fact that there was that 18% group who would not be increasing their online panel usage. Were they planning on the return of mail panel surveys?


1 Robin { 11.03.07 at 10:12 am }

You’re right that no one’s going back to mass mailing surveys. But that doesn’t mean online panels are the only way to go.

Maybe their efforts are going into linking the survey info they get to databases that they company provides. (aligning product interest to actually sales results, for example). Or maybe they are trying different approaches to surveying altogether. AMA’s (Fall 2007) Marketing Research magazine featured an article about using behavioral monitoring (eye-tracking and facial expression) to get better information from the survey responses they get.

2 Paul M. Banas { 11.03.07 at 7:59 pm }

Good points, especially on the behavioral monitoring side. I’ve done limited work with eye tracking on package graphics in the past, but I have heard about some interesting new developments, especially in monitoring facial expressions in response to stimulus. I need to read the article you referenced. Thanks for the suggestion.


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